viernes, 12 de noviembre de 2010

a Ritual

Doing any sequence of activities in a specific order and with a specific intention can change the way we look at things. All dogmas have theirs, and there are used to emanate a certain vibration that even our thoughts resonate with. It activates a perception that we so falsely call reality. Rituals are very very powerful only when they allowed to have that power, the only rule really is to let them in and thus be.

We are disconnected from our bodies, intuition and the female aspects of the psyche dormant.

I believe it's very important for woman to take in the cycled expressions of her self. Understanding what takes place in each phase it's important to being aware and exerting control on the mind.

This ritual was given to me by a friend who received it from a Shaman in the Amazonian, it was conceived as a way to awaken, cultivate to the inner voice and reconnect with the source and all the feminine energies and qualities. Much needed in this overly masculine world.

The first day of the flow she was ordered rest, of the mind and body a space to evaluate the cycle that was ending, to take that blood as a 'little death' and review what has happened during that moon, how are you building your inner self, have you gone against you, how is your light and shadow, do you accept yourself? in sume all the questions we are too busy to make on a daily basis. In my case I used to cry and cry, I always suffered many pains, very strong cramps, low blood pressure. Nowadays I've figured that each month i cried and pained over the unfulfilled promise of life, my womb was aching a baby,

The second day she said we had to give back, to the earth, the Pachamama and many other names, she said it was enough to pee on land, though some women recollect their blood and mix it with soil (it makes great fertilizer) and I read in a Isabel Allende's cooking book Afrodite that some african women make a dough and rub it on their vaginas while menstruating then bake it and offer them to their partner. This are only two examples of related blood mysteries and magic. The important aspect is to remember that as we take we will have to give back. Seems this though has long been forgotten.

The third day she ordered to cleanse. With salts or flowers, cleanse the body, massage it and rinse from all the negative aspects, emotions, thoughts etc. It can also be done by organizing your room, house, life, desk, purse. The act of organizing something also reflects on our mind and psyche so we can better understand our challenges and opportunities our strengths and weaknesses and work in the accordingly with each.

The forth day she said we had to celebrate. Go out in the open, dance with or without music, move the body to any type of rhythm even if it is your own heart. Celebrate you are the living force!


There is a sea of knowledge at our disposal.

It is fun if you invent your rituals too, they can mean anything you intend them to mean. And work only because you make them, for other it is possible and probable that won't mean anything and that's OK 'cause those people are entitled to their truths as well.

Tune into yours.

In lake'ch

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    and i have actually been contemplating rituals as well these days!
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