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The Mayan Calendar

The Mayan Calendar

We (all) are (is) One.

In this universe everything interacts.

In our system our primary influences are The Sun and The Moon.

Everyday the earth is subject to the physical impact of the energy that emanates from these bodies.
Everything sustained by life is grown by the energy from The Sun, all forms formed and segmented as colors in a rainbow.  Things that logically separate, camel is no elephant earth is no sky. 

From The Moon comes the moods, the waves, the intuition, especially woman’s or better said, the feminine aspect of things, the flint and tinder, the kundalini, all that initiates and elevates.

 The wave and frequency of this vibes change everyday and interpolate to create a matrix. The dreamspell calendar affirms that this matrix is formed by 20 Solar Seals and 13 Lunar tones. The matrix then forms 260 kin. I’m kin 185. 

According to this the day I was born –and each of us- there was a specific vibe by which all the atoms in my body resonate to.  Funny enough pregnancy is known to last 260+13 days on average from conception.

So for this calendar on one year there are 260 days. There are also 260 combination one person can be.

There are 20 possible signs (similar to the concept of astrological signs a very related to Jung’s Archetypes) It is, as said, the form.

There are 13 Lunar Tones, they represent growth from magnetism and initiation to cosmic transcendence. It is how and with what purpose each form expresses itself. 

This calendar is cyclical by definition, time is not linear but circular ascending, as DNA does. There are numerous counts, and math and numbers play a huge part, bigger that i know now how to process. 

2012 is the end of the long count. 

'They' have predicted 7 worlds and this is only the fourth. Still transition are transformation are the order of these days. 

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