viernes, 13 de abril de 2012

Tit for Tat

Not long ago I admitted to myself that i get bored with myself.

I had always needed the assistance of other, their acceptance and validation. In my teen years I did many things only because of feeling expected to.

Gladly I had some very good teachers. They loved me, taught me to feel love, to know love and to even turn that love inwards. They then left.

Not long ago i thank them for having left, for having forced that solitude upon me, for making me deal with me, know me, and live a life according to it. I may have judge it, i may have tried to change it. But it was needed, it was worth it and for your service I am grateful.

For i am grateful for where and how i am today and just that validates all of what i've been through, cause it all has led me here and if i were able to change anything i would change this also.

For being thankful for this i'm thankful for that